Gravestone:Dark Origins #3 at Comic Fest 2019

As most of you know by now, Team Gravestone (Danny Dancore and Eric Ramos) will be attending this high profile event on  July 20-21. We will be unveiling Gravestone: Dark Origins #3, which will be the end of the first story arc of our beloved Dark God. This epic, mind bending roller coaster of a story is written by Utopixia’s Studios head writer, Eric Ramos and the art will be handled by Gravestone’s creator himself, Danny Dancore Jimenez.

The colors on this wild ride will be handled by the award winning Puerto Rican  Mega artist, Wilfredo Lopez Centeno. Wilfredo was also the colorist and  inker of the Gravestone: Dark Origins #2 cover from last year. Be sure to stick around right here on  because next week we will be doing the cover reveal of  Gravestone: Dark Origins #3! Right here! Do not miss it!!! Also stay tuned, as the road to Comic Fest has started, and we will be revealing more surprises as we get closer to the event! Remember to save the date July 20-21! BE THERE!

team gravestone

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