Lady Parka

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HEIGHT: 5’ 4”
AGE: Unknown, believed to be over a
Lady Catrina was an elegant
young Lady from the high classes of
Mexico before the revolution. She
studied on the best universities in
Europe and felt in love with a young
man from France. When she came back to her home town, people around her began to distrust her. At first it was nothing more than distrust, but things began to escalate quickly between her family and the people of the town who saw them as betrayers of their own. The tension came to a boiling point when one night, her home was burned to the ground and her young fiancé was burnt alive. After her disappearance, rumors began to circulate that she was taken by the goddess Mictecacihuatl and made her into dead herself to haunt those who tormented her and
was made to forever wander the Earth as lady Parka.