Gravestone: Dark Origins #3 cover reveal!!!

The wait is finally over!  We can finally reveal the cover for the anticipated next chapter in Gravestone’s saga; GRAVESTONE: DARK ORIGINS #3. This book, will debut at Comic Fest Aguada Con on July 20-21. Make sure to BE THERE! The Pencils and inks for this cover piece, were done by Gravestone’s creator, Danny “Dancore” Jimenez and the colors were done by the amazingly talented, award winning artist, Wilfredo Lopez Centeno. Be sure to grab a copy at the Fest, as fans from all around are already pre ordering this fantastic issue and copies wont last long!

GSDO3 cover RGB


One thought on “Gravestone: Dark Origins #3 cover reveal!!!

  1. Gravestone is one greatest stories in local comics and maybe in other countries, Hollywood should be looking to make a movie of this comic book.

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