Welcome to the official Website of Gravestone! Gravestone is a comic series, released both printed and online, produced by Utopixia Studios. Originally developed in 2008, the series has featured two comic books, “Gravestone: Dark Origins #0” & “Gravestone: Dark Origins #1” and three, soon to be four, online Halloween Specials. For more info, updates and to order your comic book today, message us at Facebook!

Gravestone: Dark Origins #3 cover reveal!!!

The wait is finally over!  We can finally reveal the cover for the anticipated next chapter in Gravestone’s saga; GRAVESTONE: DARK ORIGINS #3. This book, will debut at Comic Fest Aguada Con on July 20-21. Make sure to BE THERE! The Pencils and inks for this cover piece, were done by Gravestone’s creator, Danny “Dancore” Jimenez and the colors were done by the amazingly talented, award winning artist, Wilfredo Lopez Centeno. Be sure to grab a copy at the Fest, as fans from all around are already pre ordering this fantastic issue and copies wont last long!

GSDO3 cover RGB


Gravestone:Dark Origins #3 at Comic Fest 2019

As most of you know by now, Team Gravestone (Danny Dancore and Eric Ramos) will be attending this high profile event on  July 20-21. We will be unveiling Gravestone: Dark Origins #3, which will be the end of the first story arc of our beloved Dark God. This epic, mind bending roller coaster of a story is written by Utopixia’s Studios head writer, Eric Ramos and the art will be handled by Gravestone’s creator himself, Danny Dancore Jimenez.

The colors on this wild ride will be handled by the award winning Puerto Rican  Mega artist, Wilfredo Lopez Centeno. Wilfredo was also the colorist and  inker of the Gravestone: Dark Origins #2 cover from last year. Be sure to stick around right here on  because next week we will be doing the cover reveal of  Gravestone: Dark Origins #3! Right here! Do not miss it!!! Also stay tuned, as the road to Comic Fest has started, and we will be revealing more surprises as we get closer to the event! Remember to save the date July 20-21! BE THERE!

team gravestone

Manga Criolla this weekend!

PromoMG copy

This is it everyone! we are ready for Manga Criolla this weekend on Engine-4 in Bayamon this sunday march 31 from 9am-6pm. All of our books will be on sale on the event, Gravestone: Dark Origins 0-2 will be available as our Gravestone: Halloween Annual. Make sure you get all the copies you need to complete your collection and if you are new to Gravestone, make sure to get them all.

       Team Gravestone is eager to meet each and everyone of you, so please make sure to pass by and say HI! Don’t forget to gives a like  us on Facebook at and follow us on Instagragram at . See you all this weekend!!!

Comic Fest Aguada Con 1 month away!!!

Hello everyone! We are just one month away from Comic Fest and we could be more excited. We will have all of our books on sale at the event and we hope that you can get any book you are missing from the series or  if you are just joining then get all the Gravestone you want.

We will have on hand Gravestone: Dark Origins #0, 1 and the first ever sale of  Gravestone: Dark Origins #2, brought to you by Danny Dancore Jimenez and Eric Ramos. We will also have the highly acclaimed Gravestone: Halloween Annual #1, which showcases art from many different artists from Puerto Rico an overseas like Tico Thousands and Audra Crebs among others. Make sure you come by and say hi to us on this special event on September 15-16 held at the Ismael “Chavalillo” Delgado coliseum in aguada!!! BE THERE!


Gravestone Dark Origins #2: First Look!

Hello everyone! We at Utopixia Studios are delighted to show you for the first time the cover for our next book, Gravestone: Dark Origins#2. This book will be on sale on Comic Fest Aguada Con on September 15 and 16. This cover was brought to life by Gravestone creator and artist Danny “Dancore” Jimenez who penciled the cover and it was inked and colored by the amazing talented artist, Wilfredo Lopez Centeno. The interior of the book features the art of Danny “Dancore Jimenez, colors by the great Luis Julian Medina Torruellas and some ink assists by the awesome Joey Di Art in a story written by the ever clever Eric Ramos. So without further delays, here’s the cover of our next chapter in Gravestone’s saga!!!

Dark Origins2 cover_RGB copy

Gravestone: Dark Origins #2 cover reveal

Hello everyone! Team Gravestone has been very busy lately and is pleased to announce that we will be debuting our third installment of Gravestone: Dark Origins on September 15 and 16 at Comic Fest Aguada Con. The event will be held at the ISMAEL CHAVALILLO coliseum. However next week we will be posting for the first time the cover of said book. Be sure to follow us on Facebook at and on our Instagram Of course here will be published too so make sure you bookmark us. We are looking forward to reading your thoughts and opinions next week! BE THERE!!!

Gravestone Halloween Special 2016

Utopixia Studios has announced that this coming monday, halloween day, “Gravestone: Halloween Special” will be posted online! The yearly tradition continues on the exact day of October the 31st, to give all of our fans one more reason to enjoy the festivities. Remember that you can read past years edition, by visiting our “Webcomic” section on our site 

Also, don’t forget to visit our official Facebook: GravestoneComic and share the news, because Gravestone returns THIS Monday! BE THERE!!!

Exclusive interview with the creative team behind “Gravestone” and the yearly tradition “Halloween Special”

12248858_10156206712840244_627756516_nFor the past three years, Utopixia Studio and the Gravestone comic book, have brought us during the month of October, the “Gravestone’s Halloween Special” series. This special stories, developed to be released as an exclusive online comic, follows the Gravestone saga, in between the printed comic releases. Each “Halloween Special” has had it’s own set of characters and storylines, and here at have decided to get to know more in depth about the inspiration and development of this special series. We had the opportunity to talk to the creative team behind Gravestone(Danny Jimenez & Eric Ramos), to get to know a little bit more about these releases.

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Gravestone Halloween Special coverage begins!

12272552_10156206714670244_1742956303_n   As October nears, Utopixia Studio it’s almost ready to unveil, for the 4th consecutive year, Gravestone’s Halloween Special. You can now read the first three previous Halloween Specials by clicking on the link. has special coverage for the next month, ahead of the grand release of this year Halloween Special, the last week of October.  We’re gonna talk in depth about each of the first three editions in special columns to be released starting, with insights directly from the Utopixia Creative Team. In those columns, we’re gonna discuss the process behind the creation of each Halloween Special and look ahead to this year’s release.

Also, we will have news about the future of Gravestone’s comic book series, directly from those working on it. Stay tuned, because the shadows are starting to creep in, so that only means that Gravestone is about to be released! Remember to visit  and subscribe to our official Facebook page, to get updates and order your comic book.