Tommy & Rique

REAL NAME: Tomas Guzman
ALIAS: Tommy
HEIGHT: 5’ 4”
WEIGHT: 220 Lbs
AGE: 56
Tomas “Tommy”Guzman has always been a business man and a scoundrel in his hometown in Mexico. He made a lot of friends and a lot of enemies thanks to his cons. On a fate full night his enemies surrounded his place and tried to kill him, but his friend Enrique saved him, dying in the process. Tommy managed to escape falling inside a hideous cavern and uncovering a deep dark secret. There he also discovered someone who could help him, Gravestone. Tommy made a pact with the entity known as Gravestone, helping him to vanquish his enemies. Gravestone knew he would soon find more trouble, so he brought back Enrique as his personal bodyguard.