The Diabolus


“The landscapes of the Underworld serve many dark creatures. Its features only favor the survival of the fittest. It is in these harsh conditions that the Diabolus strive. These winged demons, live only by one rule, the strong survives. They live in the Sands of Despair raiding everything they can. They don’t allow survivors of tribes conquered. They savagely eat their corpses and make leathers out of the skins. These savages don’t give second chances and only the most bloodthirsty of them becomes the leader of this tribe of savage demons.”


REAL NAME: Ungna Rork



AGE: Unknown

“To survive on the Diablolus tribe you have to be a savage beast. However, sometimes a smart Demon climbs through their ranks. The Demon called Ungna Rork was a weaker demon but his tongue could disarm the most powerful one. With the power of seduction and a bag of trickery he climbed through the Diaboluses rank to become their leaders. However, his powers couldn’t stop the ascension to power of Rex Anarus who became the King. However, his influence was so powerful, and his ability so perplexing, that Rex Anarus decided to appoint him the Diablolus Priest. Now, second in command, he serves his new master with only one thing in mind, when will he fail to take his rightfully throne.”

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