Gravestone Halloween Special coverage begins!

12272552_10156206714670244_1742956303_n   As October nears, Utopixia Studio it’s almost ready to unveil, for the 4th consecutive year, Gravestone’s Halloween Special. You can now read the first three previous Halloween Specials by clicking on the link. has special coverage for the next month, ahead of the grand release of this year Halloween Special, the last week of October.  We’re gonna talk in depth about each of the first three editions in special columns to be released starting, with insights directly from the Utopixia Creative Team. In those columns, we’re gonna discuss the process behind the creation of each Halloween Special and look ahead to this year’s release.

Also, we will have news about the future of Gravestone’s comic book series, directly from those working on it. Stay tuned, because the shadows are starting to creep in, so that only means that Gravestone is about to be released! Remember to visit  and subscribe to our official Facebook page, to get updates and order your comic book.

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