Welcome to the official Website of Gravestone! Gravestone is a comic series, released both printed and online, produced by Utopixia Studios. Originally developed in 2008, the series has featured two comic books, “Gravestone: Dark Origins #0” & “Gravestone: Dark Origins #1” and three, soon to be four, online Halloween Specials. For more info, updates and to order your comic book today, message us at Facebook!

Gravestone Update for September 2016

October is right around the corner, and the tradition will continue as Utopixia Studio will publish a new Gravestone Halloween Special. You can check out the past three editions by clicking here. Utopixia Studios is also working on Gravestone: Dark Origins #2, following the success of Dark Origins #0 & #1.  For the two past year, Gravestone’s creative team have been all over the island, promoting the Gravestone comic book series, and this new chapter will top them all! There are still copies available from #0 and #1, and you can order them by writing to our Facebook inbox. Remember to also follow our Facebook for continuous updates and photos.

Gravestone: Dark Origins #1 to be released THIS SUNDAY!

11951220_912457508826176_3137663032412647379_nGravestone’s new chapter, “Gravestone:Dark Origins #1”, debuts this coming Sunday at the East Comic Expo in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. This release continues the tradition started by “Gravestone:Dark Origins #0” of debuting at a major comic convention in Puerto Rico.  Our team will be on hand from 10:00am to 5:00pm, where you can buy both editions of “Gravestone:Dark Origins” as well as talk to the creators of the comic. The comic expo is free of charge and will also host Cosplay and drawing competitions, among other activities.


Gravestone:Dark Origins #1 Release

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cancha Fito Ramos, Fajardo, Puerto Rico


Breaking News: Gravestone Dark Origins #1 Update

The Gravestone saga will continue in 2015! Last year, Gravestone made its print debut at the Aguada Comic Fest, with the release of “Gravestone: Dark Origins #0”. After the successful release, the productions team started quickly working with the next chapter titled “Gravestone: Dark Origins #1”. The production team consists of Dark Origins #0 author Eric Ramos, Danny Jiménez on the pencils, a new member to the team, Joewy D’Art, debuts as the inker, while Julian Torruellas will showcase his artistic flare with the colors. The release date will be announced in the coming weeks.

You can still buy your copy of “Gravestone: Dark Origins #0” and be ready for the next chapter. For more information, contact our Facebook page, and write us via inbox.