Comic Fest Aguada Con 1 month away!!!

Hello everyone! We are just one month away from Comic Fest and we could be more excited. We will have all of our books on sale at the event and we hope that you can get any book you are missing from the series or  if you are just joining then get all the Gravestone you want.

We will have on hand Gravestone: Dark Origins #0, 1 and the first ever sale of  Gravestone: Dark Origins #2, brought to you by Danny Dancore Jimenez and Eric Ramos. We will also have the highly acclaimed Gravestone: Halloween Annual #1, which showcases art from many different artists from Puerto Rico an overseas like Tico Thousands and Audra Crebs among others. Make sure you come by and say hi to us on this special event on September 15-16 held at the Ismael “Chavalillo” Delgado coliseum in aguada!!! BE THERE!


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