Gravestone Dark Origins #2: First Look!

Hello everyone! We at Utopixia Studios are delighted to show you for the first time the cover for our next book, Gravestone: Dark Origins#2. This book will be on sale on Comic Fest Aguada Con on September 15 and 16. This cover was brought to life by Gravestone creator and artist Danny “Dancore” Jimenez who penciled the cover and it was inked and colored by the amazing talented artist, Wilfredo Lopez Centeno. The interior of the book features the art of Danny “Dancore Jimenez, colors by the great Luis Julian Medina Torruellas and some ink assists by the awesome Joey Di Art in a story written by the ever clever Eric Ramos. So without further delays, here’s the cover of our next chapter in Gravestone’s saga!!!

Dark Origins2 cover_RGB copy

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