Gravestone: Dark Origins #1 Release Tour continues!

During the past few weeks, has followed closely the two stops in the  “Gravestone:Dark Origins #1 Release Tour”. This new Gravestone release, made its debut this past September 20th, in Fajardo Puerto Rico, at the East Comic Expo. The visitors of the booth had the opportunity to get their hands on copies of “Gravestone:Dark Origins #1”, as well as copies of “Gravestone:Dark Origins #0”.

11149442_921975434541050_4507122261360407808_n 12049454_921791697892757_7116849159770392775_n

Following the release in Fajardo, was on hand at the Aguadilla Mall on October 3, for the second stop of the release tour. Our home base, the west side of Puerto Rico, was able to acquire the comics, as well as meet the team behind “Gravestone:Dark Origins #1”. We want to thank Revolt Comics and the Aguadilla Mall management for our warm welcome to the “October Comics Extravaganza” event.

12096070_1020534431324606_4198770445298687780_n 12107152_928438080561452_4388269914302086232_n

There are still copies available of both of our releases. Please contact our Facebook site for more information on how to order your copy today!

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